One System, One On-Board Computer, One Absolute Delight

With the Harmony H|Sync system, the control of the revolutionary NuVinci transmission technology is fully integrated into the drivetrain control unit of your eBike. Not only will you experience the fantastic feeling of cycling with smooth, stepless and automatic shifting, you will also get to enjoy the most uncomplicated eBike handling on the market! You will experience greater comfort while cycling and travel farther with your e-bike battery. 

You don't even need a separate shifter for the Harmony H|Sync system. Simply use the on-board computer or control unit of your eBike motor for the few settings you still need to carry out that aren't taken over by the automatic continuously variable system. Of course, you will also be able to enjoy all the advantages from the Harmony 380 group set. Ask your bicycle dealer about the unique, user-friendly Harmony H|Sync system.

Features of the Harmony H|Sync System:

Stepless shifting 
Effortless shifting, even under load
Greater gear ratio range than many conventional shifting systems
Comfortable pedaling at your desired preset cadence
Improved range for the motor of your e-bike
No additional shifter

The Components

On-Board Computer
HUB (Transmission) N380
Hub colors silver, black
Spoke configurations 32 or 36 hole
Brake configurations 6-bolt disc, rim, roller
Weight 2450 grams
Ratio range

380% nominal - 0.5 underdrive to 1.9 overdrive

Speed range Infinitely Variable within Ratio Range

135 mm witdth horizontal or vertical

Chainline 49.0 ± 0.5 mm 
Beltline (Gates) 45.5 ± 0.5 mm 
Beltline (Conti-Tech) 46.2 ± 0.5 mm 
Sprockets (chain) 16-22 teeth
Sprockets (belt) 20-28 teeth
Sprocket type Standard 9-spline, flat on one side
Sprocket ratio definition (chain ring teeth : sprocket teeth):
- for conventional bicycles 1.8 : 1 Minimum
- for front drive eBikes 1.8 : 1 Minimum
- for 250W mid drive eBikes 2.1 : 1 Minimum
- for 350W mid drive eBikes 2.0 : 1 Minimum
- for eBikes with Bosch Gen2 250W mid-motor 0.8 : 1 Minimum
- for eBikes with Bosch Gen2 350W mid-motor 0.8 : 1 Minimum
Axle Length 183 mm
Axle Threads M10 x 1
Spoke flange diameter 125.0 mm
Center to left spoke flange 26.0 mm
Center to right spoke flange 26.0 mm
Weight less than 250 grams
CONTROLLER Integrated in the user interface of the eBike system

Further Product Information


Product Information

Harmony H|Sync

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