The newest generation of our stepless hub for the sportive rider.

With the growth of new bike segments, attractive to younger target groups, the need for durable and flexible transmissions has risen. Thus, NuVinci® Cycling, a division of Fallbrook Technologies, is introducing its newest CVP generation, the N380x, fitting trending sectors such as sportive and eCargo bikes.

With a  ratio range of 380%, a maximum continuous torque of 65Nm (maximum vehicle weight of 280 kg) or 100Nm (maximum vehicle weight of 160 kg), and additional mounting options (thru axle adapters 135mm, 142mm, 148mm), the transmission was developed to provide  sportive riders the agility and product performance they desire in non-sportive environments. Also, to fit the requirements of a lifestyle item, the N380x is anodised with laser engraving and machined pockets.

Features of the N380x


  • Anodized housing and laser engraved product branding
    • Ensures high-end appearance over the long-term


  • Durable component selection incl. forged housing and a 3-pawl freewheel (3 springs)
    • Offers great material strength and reliable performance over the long-term


  • 10*135, 12*142, 12*148 dropout options enable compatibility with B+ tires for better traction

  • Thru axle adapters (DT Swiss, Maxle, Syntace, Shimano) offer increased frame stiffness and easy maintenance


  • Up to 500W* and 100 Nm* continuous torque capability
    • Enables best-in-class performance for sportive and speed pedelec type bicycles and under full load acceleration through stepless technology

Product Specifications

Minimum sprocket ratio 1.8 / 2.0
Ratio range 380 %
Max underdrive / overdrive 0.5 / 1.90
Max nominal power Up to 500 W*
Max continous torque Up to 100 Nm*
Max permissable vehicle weight Up to 280 kg*
Brake options 6-bolt disc, rim
Max brake disc rotor

203mm with 135mm dropout, 180 with 142/148mm dropout

Dropout configuration 10*135 threaded axle, 12*142 & 12*148 thru axle adapter
Freewheel 3 individual pawls
Finish Anodization with Laser engraving
Compatibility Harmony / Harmony H|Sync / Belt

* check detailed product descriptions


We move you better!  
> Concentrate less on operating the bike and more on what’s important e.g. traffic, road hazards, passengers, and just the beauty of your surroundings.    

Effortless shifting, even under load  
> Stepless shifting works whether you are freewheeling, shifting under load or waiting at a traffic light. 

No interruption of the ride caused by locked gears 
> Malfunctioning gears are now a thing of the past. 

Experience Three Cycling Game Changers